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January 2016

What is the format of the classes?

In each class, there will be a talk and a guided meditation practice. Practices range from introductory techniques for relaxation and meditation, to keys that can be applied in daily life. No previous experience is needed. The weekly course of 33 lessons serves as a foundation to further develop the science and ethics of meditation [...]

February 2015

Where can Gnosis be found?

There is Gnosis in the Tantric Buddhism of Tibet, in the Zen Buddhism of Japan, in the Chan Buddhism of China, in the Sufi tradition, in the Dancing Dervishes, in the Egyptian, Chaldean, Pythagorean, Greek, Aztec, Mayan, Incan, Toltec Wisdom, etc. If we carefully study what is contained in the Christian Gospels, we will find [...]

What do the Gnostic teachings consist of?

The Gnostic teachings consist of a wide variety of esoteric disciplines, all of which are presented in a very practical manner. Gnosis is not just theoretical. Practices are given so that what is being learned can be verified, surpassing the boundaries of believing or disbelieving, since both lead to ignorance. Gnosis is called the ‘Doctrine [...]

What kind of commitment do the Gnostic classes require?

As far as attendance to the open classes, anyone is welcome to attend one, several or all of the classes being offered in a series of public talks. For those who are interested, weekly courses are offered where we will go deeper into the topics that have been introduced. Since the classes and practices build [...]

What is the cost to attend the classes?

Gnostic centers throughout the world are non-profit organizations, relying on voluntary student donations. Gnosis is not a business and no person involved in the running of a center is making money for his or her services. For those who continue on with the weekly course, donations (suggested min of $40/month) are greatly appreciated to cover [...]

January 2015

What is the origin of the Gnostic teachings?

Gnosis today is the modern form of an ancient system of learning, which has existed through the history of man’s presence on Earth. This wisdom was not available to the public, but was revealed only to those who had been initiated into the mysteries. The Gnostic teachings, as taught in Gnostic Centres throughout the world [...]